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Close up crop of XJ Chrome door mirror covers




Your Jaguar, in tune with your lifestyle.

Give your Jaguar the same work-life balance as you with this smart Lifestyle Collection below, or see the full accessory online catalogue here.

Luggage Compartment Side Nets

A set of two nets provide additional enclosed storage in the luggage compartment and help to secure loose items such as bags or small parcels.

Loadspace Carpet Mats

Luxurious soft luggage mat in Jet Black with the Jaguar logo. Deep premium 2,000g/m2 pile with nubuck edging and Dove contrast stitch.

XJ interior, headrest mounted iPad holder for rear passengers

iPad® Holder

Jaguar branded iPad® Holder mounts to front seat headrests providing a flexible solution for rear seat entertainment. Quick release design ensures iPad® can be fitted or removed quickly and easily.

Headrest Mounted Coathanger

The Jaguar coat hanger is a headrest mounted solution featuring Jaguar branding and a chromed ‘spring fit’ construction.