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Intense in its focus, sinuous in its line, muscular in its stance, XE appears visceral, alive, and ready to pounce. XE’s entire body is formed with Jaguar’s state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics optimising aerodynamics and minimising drag.


Unmistakably Jaguar and instantly recognisable, head on, XE shows its breeding, its elegance and its athleticism. Its sculpted bonnet sweeping over to the intense stare of its headlights, outlined with J blade LED lights (optional on SE and Prestige models), gives XE a motivated stance, determined, purposeful and prepared for whatever the journey may bring.


Like all contemporary Jaguar cars, XE has a rising waistline to add drama and dynamism even when it is stationary. This is defined by the sharp design feature that flashes from the front bumper, along the flanks, to culminate at the tail. XE's chrome side vents, embossed with the Jaguar name, deliberately allude to F-TYPE and there is even the tell-tale Jaguar feature that arcs around the side windows. Exterior aluminium panels have crease lines with the same tight radii, clarity and precision found on F-TYPE.

XE Exterior


One glance at the tail of XE and you know that it could only be a Jaguar. Only Jaguar has the technology and expertise to create those signature rear haunches – Jaguar is a world leader in aluminium car construction. It allows the creation of more radical designs and sharper creases from deeper, more innovatively formed pressings with the body side curvature of XE aerodynamically honed to sweep air seamlessly rearwards to the tail section.

Definitely Jaguar