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Your Jaguar, in tune with your lifestyle.

Give your Jaguar the same work-life balance as you with this smart Lifestyle Collection below, or see the full accessory online catalogue here.

Headrest Mounted Coat Hanger

The Jaguar coat hanger is a headrest mounted solution featuring Jaguar branding and a chromed 'spring fit' construction. Mounting simply and securely this coat hanger is easy to fit and remove and provides a convenient stowage point to keep clothing wrinkle free.

XE Premium Stowage

Premium Stowage

Bespoke seat back stowage offered in a premium high quality leather material provides a neat stowing solution in the cabin area for small items. Features embossed Jaguar branding and high quality synthetic materials for interior compartments.

Luxury Loadspace Mat

Luxury 2,050g/m2 carpet mat.

Luggage Compartment Side Net

A pair of two nets provide additional enclosed storage in the luggage compartment and help to secure loose items such as bags or small parcels.