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XF driving away from modern office building.




The armoured Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase offers luxury, outstanding performance and excellent protection.

Reassuringly high levels of occupant protection are combined with the acclaimed luxury and comfort of Jaguar’s flagship saloon. All modifications are discreetly incorporated into the vehicle’s structure, giving no hint to the casual onlooker that this is a very special Jaguar. 

Key benefits at a glance

  • 5.0 V8 naturally-aspirated petrol engine
  • Available in both left-hand and right-hand drive
  • XJ Portfolio specification
  • Compliant with B7 ballistic level of protection
  • Side blast and underfloor grenade protection
  • Independent ballistic and blast certification
  • Uprated suspension, handling and braking system
  • Wheels fitted with run-flat tyre system
  • Fuel cut-off over-ride

Available options
Additional security and protection options include anti-tamper exhaust, self-sealing fuel tank and intercom.

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