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The Jaguar Academy of Sport has been nurturing and inspiring excellence in British sport since 2010. The programme brings together the biggest names in British sport with bursaries and mentoring to generate excellence in up and coming talent.

The Academy provides funding to young athletes through our charitable partner SportsAid. A Mentoring and Education Programme provides the Rising Stars with the non-financial support they need to make the most of their talent. We hope this unique combination of bursary and mentoring will inspire each of them to go on to become a future British champion.

Since the Jaguar Academy of Sport was created, Jade Jones is perhaps our greatest success story. A Rising Star in 2010, Jade went on to win Olympic Gold at London 2012 and is now an Ambassador of the Academy herself. Jade will be imparting her learnings and experience to the next generation of Jaguar Academy of Sport Rising Stars on their journey to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Each year we work with SportsAid to select the Academy’s 50 Rising Stars. These young athletes, aged between 12-25, are from a variety of sports and demonstrate the greatest potential, real dedication to their sport and an outstanding desire to perform and succeed. Bursary Awards help support our Rising Stars with equipment, competition and training expenses.

Tim Lawler, Chief Executive of SportsAid: "SportsAid is proud to work with the Jaguar Academy of Sport to help the next generation of British sporting talent and we look forward to many more years together as the programme continues to grow. Success in sport takes a huge amount of dedication and commitment and the Academy plays an indispensable role in nurturing this. The athletes have a lot to gain from being part of it."


Patron Dame Kelly Holmes, best known for her double gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, created the Mentoring and Education Programme. Facilitated and managed by her team at Kelly Holmes Education, this programme brings together the insight and experience of our Patrons and Ambassadors to help our Rising Stars achieve their full potential.The programme includes Sport Education workshops and one-to-one Mentoring for the Rising Stars as well as their parents and coaches. The Talent days cover workshops from the psychological to social and emotional aspects of performance such as Coping with Injury, Media Training, Goal Setting and Mental Imagery.

Dame Kelly Holmes says: “Money is great but experience is priceless. I would like to congratulate Jaguar for having the foresight to provide these young performers with both a bursary fund plus access to a unique mentoring and education experience led by British sporting Champions."

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